Warren Bain, better known as Wazza, is a seasoned IT veteran still on active duty.

Currently he is the product manager for a low-code application development platform for building next-gen web-enabled apps.

In his career he has worked with many technologies:

  • IBM/360 assembler and COBOL before there were personal computers
  • VBA app development in Microsoft Office products
  • Ruby scripting, app and gem development
  • Infrastructure automation using Chef, Docker, Vagrant, and Bash
  • IoT development on Arduino / ESP8266 and using Thingsboard

Wazza has always been excited to learn new things and use them to solve real business problems. More than a technologist, Wazza also

  • writes business cases that get approved
  • presents at the C & Board level and everywhere below
  • delivers conference talks
  • shares his knowledge and experience via consulting and mentoring

This blog shares some of the things Wazza has learned along the way, and touches on his diverse professional and personal interests.